Stalkbook, twatter and instagram

So I know I’ve hated on the habits of some facebookers in a former post but I really feel I need to widen the net a bit now I’ve gotten myself into Twitter and Instagram.



One thing I hate is people who have fuck all to say so they post, what they think are, “inspiring philosophical” status updates. News flash- they’re not inspiring and they don’t make you look “deep” and intellectual, they just piss most people off because you’re clogging up their feed with your bullshit.. Only, oh no, sorry, it’s not YOUR bullshit because actually you either a) plagiarised someone else’s bullshit or b) just posted a picture of someone else’s bullshit. You have nothing to say AND you can’t even make shit up. #epicfail #hidingyourassfrommyfeed



We all like to retweet things on twatter- obviously this is part of the whole point of it but… People who only ever reteeet and who clog up your feed with stuff they think is funny but that means nothing to you – because you don’t know the original twatter and your not “in” on the joke! Why bother? It doesn’t make us think your witty and humorous, it makes us think your an annoying twat with sweet FA to say.


Note: you can of course always be super unlucky and have a friend who is a Philos-o-fuck-all obsessive compulsive retwatter. After all, they both love to plagiarise right?!


#Inanegroupmessages …

The group message that includes 200 people you don’t know… Because you can almost guarantee that at least 75 of these people will choose to reply to the entire group or if you’re super lucky, start a full blown conversation which a) doesn’t involve you, b) bores you and c) makes your phone go off every five fucking seconds with shite that you don’t want to know about. Because yes, you can leave a conversation but only if you have sufficient coverage to be able to use this function on your phone app and apparently you need much less coverage to receive messages and notifications than to use this function.


#Micro-statusing and #over-posting…

Unless you are as funny as my friend Leanne (and let’s face it most people just aren’t!) then you should really limit the number of posts you write in a day.. Or in some cases in five minutes

– there are people who post massive streams of tweets which clog up my feed and I therefore can’t be arsed to read any of them! I end up unfollowing these people because I get fed up of scrolling up loads to get to a tweet I actually want to read (like Leanne’s! Lol). This I feel seems to be the evolution of the microstatuser- most people have now realised that it’s not cool to post your every move on facebook… So they’ve started tweeting literally everything!!! THIS IS THE SAME THING… #notcool


#moaningminnies …

People who just constantly moan about a) where they live or b) the people who live there. Really? No one cares except the other people who moan with you but here’s a thought- GET A JOB IN ANOTHER CITY AND FUCK OFF AND LIVE THERE IT’S NOT THAT HARD. That way you won’t clog up my feed with your whinging. But do me a favour and don’t whine if you’re not going to do anything to change it.


I wracked my brains for something to hate about Instagram but alas my only issue with it is that it’s still relatively new and there are not enough people on it yet (except celebrities- they are all over that shit!). It’s basically twitter for photos and I genuinely love it… Watch this space though as given six months I’m sure there will be annoying people on there to kill the joy!!


P.s. I know there’re people who hate hash tags too but I’m sorry I LOVE THEM #hashtaglove hahaha

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Check out this artist…

So I connected with this artist on Twitter whilst looking for fellow creative types and her work is gorgeous!

I particularly like the Creepy Cutes section (I love the whole bad fairy/Malice in Wonderland concept so this really appeals to me)

Anyway I had to share it so find it here:

Debrah Blount – Fine Art.

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The news from my sick bed…

So it looks like the hilarious Wagner is set to win X-Factor! Sources say the wacky Brazilian is consistently coming in the top three after voters for serious contestants who are voted off switch to Wagner! What could be better for Simon Cowell? After all he’s off to America to start the state side version of his show so let’s face it, if the UK run comes to a (somewhat comical) downfall…how convenient. To top it off Rupert Murdoch presented Simon with a Founders Award last night at the International Emmy awards last nigh. Murdoch apparently praised Cowell for his”enormous cultural contributions” over the past decade and described him as a “phenomenal media impresario”. This from the man who owns News Corps – the company that owns the nations favourite gossip rag, The Sun. Say no more.

Elsewhere, Simon Amstell has put his foot in it after making shocking digs at Russell Watson’s fight against cancer. I’ve always found Amstell incredibly irritating and have never understood why he was so popular – it seems his popularity may be over though now after he sneered “Stop talking! We’re finished! Got to get Russell on with his tumour!” at hosts on BBC Breakfast yesterday because they interrupted him. And Noel Fielding has apparently blasted the ex-Never Mind The Buzzcocks-host for “ruining the show” with his cruel comments to guests. Fielding, a team captain on the show,  says that the 30 year old’s comments have put guests off appearing on the show. Oh dear, looks like someone is going DOWN!

On a more serious note, Jon Venables has been jailed for two years for downloading images of child sex abuse. An inquiry has found that supervision of Venables, who was released from prison in 2001 under a new identity after serving 8 years for the killing of Jamie Bulger, was sufficient and that he alone was responsible for these new crimes. Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of the probation union Napo, said: “Supervision of Jon Venables was extremely difficult because of his notoriety and the need for tight security.” Fletcher said that keeping Venables under constant surveillance would require 16 officers over a 24-hour period every day for 12 years – at a cost of £8,000 a week. What astounds me is that this monster was ever released from prison in the first place! How can 8 years be a sufficient sentence for the brutal murder of a two year old boy? Yes Venables and Thompson were 10 years old at the time of the killings but the video footage showed these two youngsters apparently surveying children to select a target, they also knew enough right and wrong to try to hide their crime. One of them also revealed that they had planned to abduct a child and lead him to the road and push him into oncoming traffic. These children knew exactly what they were doing and yet they served only 8 years and then were released with new identities to protect them. Had Venables stayed in prison where he belonged there would have been no debate over the cost of surveillance and he would have had no opportunity to commit these second offenses. What second chance was innocent toddler James Bulger given? None.

Sir Cliff Richard has launched what has become the number one selling male 2011 calendar! He has sold more than JLS, Justin Bieber and Michael Buble according to Amazon. A spokes person for Amazon thinks this “shows just how popular [Sir Cliff] is”…or it shows that the older generation are more likely to buy calendars than the the younger?

Maybe being ill isn’t so bad… after all it sucks but let’s face it life could be a whole lot worse!

What has shocked, disgusted or delighted you in the news this week?

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Political Craziness and Religious Ignorance

Is it just me or is political correctness beginning to border on racism? The very thing it was intended to minimise.

I had a conversation with a friend last night and I was astounded at his vehemence as he told me I should be demanding Epiphany off work because Muslims had Eid off. I was gobsmacked that he got angry with me when I told him I had no issue with Muslims taking Eid off and had no desire to ask for Epiphany off work having just had two weeks off for Christmas! His argument was that Muslims should therefore work Christmas Day (he ignored the fact that actually a lot of Muslims who own businesses DO work Christmas Day!) and refused to understand that Muslim children only don’t attend school because it’s in the two week holiday which breaks up the term. These holidays are set by the Christian calendar because our head of state is Christian and historically we are a predominantly Christian nation (72% of the population are Christian for a full break down click the link).

I for one am proud of the fact that in this country we celebrate every religious festival from  Eid, Diwali and Christmas to the Chinese New Year. I’m also proud that I live in a society that promotes religious and cultural tolerance. And I am firmly of the belief that if you can’t be a part of that open minded, live and let live society then you should sod off and live somewhere else.

Having said that I struggle with the way that political correctness has impacted upon the perception of Christmas in this country. We don’t censor the celebration of Eid or Diwali or Chinese New Year for fear of offending people not of those faiths, so why should we censor Christmas. By the same token that we should accept people of different faiths into our multi-cultural society, so to should people who come to live in this country accept that it is predominantly Christian and we go all out for our big festival. You wouldn’t go to India and expect them not to celebrate Diwali in a big elaborate fashion. What annoys me more than this though is that this “pussy-footing” around Christmas comes not from followers of other faiths but from people who are insecure about being perceived as racist. I know a lot of Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and NOT ONE OF THEM has any kind of problem with the huge Christmas furor, in fact, a lot of them celebrate Christmas day as a secular day of exchanging presents and celebrating being a family!! And if they don’t they still all wish me Happy Christmas (I wish them happy Eid, Diwali etc.) and a few even send me Christmas cards in recognition of the fact that it’s an important day for me.

So what is the big deal? It’s a shame how a few narrow minded people in positions of power can foster and insight such ridiculous points of view. We live in a world where there’s plenty of room for everyone and lets face it, if everyone was the same the world would be a very boring place. Most of these people have clearly not read the religious texts they claim to base there extremist views upon – no where in the Bible or the Qur’an does it say we should terrorise, maim and kill people who disagree with us. In fact, if you read the texts closely they all promote a very similar moral code of peace on earth and good will to others.  It makes my blood boil when I here comments about “they should **** off back to there own country” – especially when more than a few of the people I’ve heard make this comment are of Italian, Portuguese, Jamaican, Nigerian, and a whole heap of other ethnic heritages. They would do well to remember that their parents/grandparents were probably the victims of such attitudes as they are displaying when they arrived in this country!

We are the most educated, enlightened and connected we have ever been in our evolutionary history and yet in some ways we are further away from understanding and tolerance than we’ve ever been.

So the upshot of my post is this. Christmas is here to stay. So are Eid, Diwali and all the other religious festivals. We should celebrate our differences or at the very least just agree to disagree. If you can’t take the mulit-cultural heat get out of the kitchen (or country in this case). But good luck finding a country that isn’t multi-cultural to some degree in this day and age.

I’m sure this post is going to spark off some heated debates and I welcome comments, however, please remember – if you don’t like my views, no one is forcing you to read my blog, that’s the beauty of free choice and having a mind of your own. Also anyone posting anything that is hate fueled or in any way racist I will delete it AND report it because in the UK there are laws against inciting religious hatred so get over it or get out.


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In The News

Well, this weekend has been pretty quiet, I’ve written a song and done some chores, last night I had friends round and that’s about it. Am I getting old? Or is it the time of the year? So what am I going to blog about – the news, here are some things that made me laugh this week.

This week has seen the Pope condone the use of condoms in the prevention of HIV – what about the prevention of teenage pregnancy or scrounging chav’s popping out kids so they don’t have to work then?

The Bishop of Lincoln is to bless the Lincolnshire’s road gritters on December 7th in the hope of reducing the number of accidents – how about you ask God to have a word with all the stupid drivers on the road? Or better still make people take a common sense and an IQ test before giving them licenses?

And Councillor Mike Connolly, who is the leader of Bury Council’s Labour group, proved that politicians should also take the above tests after he made comments on Facebook in which he called Prince William and Kate Middleton “multi-millionaire parasites”. He was responding to a status update by a party member, congratulating the couple on their engagement.

“In this age of ConDem austerity will these multi-millionaire parasites be paying for their own wedding?” he said.

He has apologised, but let’s face it – you’re a politician and you’ve just publicly insulted the future King of England who pretty much the entire country love on your social network page where you are probably friends with a large amount of other government officials and you kno the whole world can see it… were you ill the day they handed out common sense?

Proving that American companies are too lazy to even research their products, Hasbro have been forced to scrap the UK release of their latest Transformers toy after the new stunticon’s name caused outrage amongst Britain’s. They called the toy ‘Spastic’ – on the bright side the halting of the UK release has caused a large dent in their finances and sales figures perhaps they’ll get off their arses and pay for research to be done in future. Apparently in America the term means clumsy.

On the flip side The Early Learning Centre have caused astonishment amongst Muslims and non-Muslims alike this week when they removed the toy pig from their Happyland Goosefeather Farm set for “religious reasons” because to Muslims the pig is an unclean animal. Political Correctness has just leaped to a whole new level – it’s a toy, they’re not going to eat it and it’s not made from pork it’s made from plastic…. Looks like Peppa Pig may have a shorter life span than we hoped and In The Night Garden will have to go because it may offend Jehovah’s Witnesses as the creatures are magical. Seriously – this is a multi-cultural country we should celebrate our differences. If you don’t like being faced with different religions and cultures…NEWS FLASH: You will need to move to a different country! I’d just like to point out that the bright sparks at ELC removed the pig but not the pig-pen….there’s just no response to real stupidity.

And my favourite piece of news this week? Wagner is apparently a karate expert – no THAT I would pay money to watch!

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Christmas Tinsel ‘VS’ A List of Resolutions

It’s nearly here! Yep that time of the year is upon us once again. Now, I’m a BIG lover of Christmas – I love everything about it; the food, the presents, the spirit, the religious connotations, the tinsel, the parties, the sparkly dresses, the mulled wine, the roasted chestnuts…did I mention the food?

El Grincho!But I have more than a few friends who turn into the Grinch at this time of year (one who I know won’t mind me telling you is actually named El Grincho and who changes her Facebook picture to the Grinch right around the start of December). And I don’t get it. I know I drive them mad because I quite literally morph into a five year old again (if I could get away with tinsel wrapped bunches at work I would blatantly do it), but I don’t understand what’s not to love – I even like the late night shopping, although the queues drive me NUTS!

Every Christmas my Dad used to take us late night Christmas shopping and buy us roast chestnuts  fresh from the stand and it’s one of my favourite memories.However I do understand that something happens around December time where all the people develop Christmas-Rage and shopping becomes a pain as people rush to buy their presents… here’s a tip, don’t leave it until December?!

My pet hate is New Years Eve if I’m honest. It’s just a normal night, but everything costs four times as much!! And don’t get me started on transport! A couple of years ago, some friends and I went out in Covent Garden. I lived in South London so we decided we’d get the night bus back only Centre Point is closed on NYE so we had to get a tube to Elephant and Castle where we stood for FOUR HOURS in the freezing cold (and not in the warmest clothes) with around two-to-three hundred other people waiting for the bus to show up. It was HELL. And I was so ill from freezing for so long when I already had a cold!! Grrrrr…or maybe Brrrrr is more appropriate?

I just don’t see the point.

Christmas Day: You get presents, Christmas Specials of things like EastendersNom...nom nom....nom, the best dinner in the world and lots of booze and chocolate…then to top it off, AFTER Christmas Day you get Boxing Day (also a big deal in our family as we a) have another present each and b) usually go to my brother’s for SECOND CHRISTMAS! Raaargh!) and then you get a week of chilling with family and friends and eating yummy Christmas leftovers.BEFORE Christmas Day there are carols, singing, decOoooooh...Schparkly!orations (I’m a renowned magpie and adore anything that sparkles, usually signified by me just gazing at said sparkle and saying “ooooooooh…schparkly!” …like schnow this is much cooler than snow or sparkly, and yes I do stop in front of shops and do it too), and advent calendars! And this is all without getting started on the whole birth of Christ which is what it’s really all about!

New Years Eve – you get drunk, spend to much, get slobbered on by strangers at midnight, bankrupt yourself and generally feel a bit cheated because it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and you’d built it up in your head so much. The day after New Years everyone is  knackered and in a bad mood because a) they have a hangover and b) they are making crap resolutions which they already feel guilty about because they KNOW they’re not going to stick to them. What’s the point??

So, New Years Reveler or Santa’s Baby…which are you?

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Why is life never simple?

I tell myself that struggling for things makes me appreciate them more and this often works. But sometimes if I’m absolutely honest it just hacks me off even more. I don’t appreciate things because I constantly spend my time panicking about what’s going to go wrong – and generally the bigger the good thing is, the larger the disaster that’s bound to follow it.

Case in point. For the last three weeks I’ve been struggling with the heating in my house. I’d wake up in the morning and my house would literally be icy cold. I’d drag my ass out of bed (and we all know when it’s cold you do have to DRAG yourself out from under that duvet) and spend 40 minutes trying to get ready and not shiver – lads, I kid you not, putting on the make-up with shaky hands, not a good look. Anyway after lots of fiddling with the timer and thermostat, and more than a few bouts of swearing loudly at it (because that works with inanimate objects, as does kicking them), I FINALLY woke up on Friday morning to a nice toasty house. Turns out my hot water timer overrides the heating. PANTS. Although I’m slightly concerned the thermostat and radiators are all now on full blast and what this is going to do to my bank balance.

However, I’m happy, my house is warm. BUT, I get home last night (Monday – so all of two days my domestic bliss lasted) to find I have no hot water. grrrrr. I figure it needs adjusting and do this. I wake up this morning, nice toasty warm room… hot water! WTF??!!! So I go to work in a foul mood having had a cold shower. I come home – the water is now luke warm, so the timer is working but for some reason it’s not reaching the usual lovely hot temperature?? I call up my father (he is the font of all knowledge after all) and after a long and stressful conversation, including 10 minutes of me looking for a thermostat on the timer station before my Dad tells me he means on the boiler tank (how do I know that?? I’m not a bloody engineer!!), I turn up the thermostat and switch the heating on for half an hour to see if this works. Problem is I have had to turn my heating off to carry out this little experiment so within 20 minutes my hands are like blocks of ice and my toes have apparently emigrated to somewhere with a more amenable climate, because I can’t feel them anymore.

30 minutes later, still no hot water. I turn the heating back on and call up the repairs people; “Sorry we will have to put it through tomorrow now as we close at 6pm.” It’s 5.55pm. W*nkers. So I now have my stupidly-expensive-to-run immersion heater on, my heating is turned up to 26 degrees and every radiator is on full blast and I still can’t feel my toes, I’m going to have someone ring me tomorrow to arrange an engineer visit and I have no idea if I’ll get a hot shower in the morning. Again, grrrrrr. And don’t even get me started on BT and the fact I can’t plug in my landline because then my internet goes off (and yes I have a fully functional micro filter)…

Is it just me or is it utterly ridiculous that in an age where we can clone mice, fShort Circuitly to the moon and communicate with millions of people worldwide instantly, I expect the heating in my brand new, just built-it’s-not-even-on-google-maps-yet house to have heating and hot water that work. You wouldn’t build a house and not check the windows were in would you now? When I moved in the hot water and heating had been wired to the timer back to front, and the immersion heater didn’t work because the electrician had forgotten to attach the main wire to the controller – one word: COWBOYS. How do they not check this stuff?

So I’m going to go now and see if I have hot water….wish me luck….

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